MAIANA is the combination of the two founders, husband and wife, Mohamed and Nathalie Somrani. Mohamed is a French/Tunisian entrepreneur who has managed several business ventures in North Africa. Nathalie is a French artist and fashion stylist who is passionate about a healthy lifestyle, dance, and fitness.

MAIANA's concept began after Mohamed and Nathalie relocated to London after ten years in Tunisia. The initial plan was to develop an online platform that would represent and combine their complementary personalities and talents.

MAIANA embodies its two founders' positive, multicultural, ambitious, and modern energies at the crossroads of Nathalie's vision and creativity and Mohamed's entrepreneurial side.
Nathalie aspires to create a modern lifestyle platform that combines nutrition, wellness, beauty, sports, and fashion. She believes that in our modern days, we can have it all: good health, feeling beautiful and confident in our own skin, a meaningful and fulfilling career, and a happy personal life. To do so, we need knowledge, dedication, an open mind, and positive energy. Nathalie's goal was to create a space where people could find what they needed to improve their quality of life and support them in living their dream life.

MAIANA is a modern lifestyle guide that provides you with knowledge and curated products to help you satisfy your curiosity and improve your quality of life in:
- Eating a balanced diet
- Revealing your unique beauty and optimizing your health,
- Making your workout smarter
- Expressing and enjoying yourself through fashion


Nathalie Somrani
MAIANA Co-Founder

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Our Take on Food and Nutrition

At Maiana, we believe that eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is essential for feeling happier, healthier, more energetic, and beautiful. As with everything in life, moderation is key, and indulging once in a while is also part of the fun.

We select products in which we believe and enjoy using. These products pique our interest since they are innovative, tasty, and of great quality. It could be something as simple as an exotic sauce that can turn your healthy everyday meal into a new and exciting experience. It could also be a high-quality honey with added health benefits.

Our Take on Beauty

A confident person is both beautiful and sexy. Confidence is not about being perfect; it is about unapologetically loving and embracing yourself. Maiana is here to help you on your journey to discover, cultivate, and own your unique beauty. Taking care of your skin is an act of self-love, and it can be a real pleasure when you use products that you enjoy, that are efficient, and that are safe for you.

Makeup is not only a way to express different facets of who you really are and boost your self-confidence, but it is also a way to play and have fun like a child.

"When using makeup, I always want to recognize myself in the mirror; it doesn't feel right if I have the sensation of wearing a mask," Nathalie says. "I prefer makeup that allows me to express myself and my mood while also being gentle on my skin."

At Maiana, we choose products that we love to use, are efficient, and of high quality. We have a variety of classic brands that have proven to be effective, and we are always on the lookout for new and interesting brands and trends.


Our Take on Fashion

Nathalie has lived in Paris, where the French fashion culture has impregnated her. When she moved to the United States, she discovered a more fluid and daring way of dressing. "In the US, you can dress however you want; you can wear hoodies and still look very cool during the day while wearing a dazzling dress at night."

She is inspired by the instinctive and joyful African culture in Tunisia, where she lived with her husband for 10 years.

"In Tunisia, there are a lot of independent designers. You can buy pieces that are exclusive, feel authentic, and are of high quality at fair prices.

Personally, I feel I need to express the different parts of my personality depending on my moods, places, and situations. So, when I dress, I make sure it best reflects what I need to communicate. I enjoy combining classic pieces with originals and one-of-a-kind creations and adding very trendy touches.”

Nathalie’s medium-term vision for MAIANA is to bring interesting pieces that help you express your unique identity and empower yourself with:
- Classic pieces that everyone should own.
- One-of-a-kind pieces created by an emerging artist.
- Products that are trendy and fun.