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Flaxseed bread - image courtesy of Linwood's

Gluten Free Flaxseed Bread


Serves: 4


Time: 30 Minutes

Good For: Gluten free diet

A fabulously tasty take on traditional bread that’ll have the whole family asking for another slice. This flaxseed bread is super simple to make and is gluten free, high in fibre, naturally nutritious and big on flavour. Whether you’re following a gluten free eating plan or not, this will soon become your go-to daily bread.

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C (fan) or 200°C (non fan).
  2. In a clean bowl, combine the flaxseed, buckwheat flour, rosemary, baking powder and salt by stirring well.
  3. Crack your eggs in a separate bowl (or use your egg alternative), add the olive oil and whisk well.
  4. Next, add your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients and whisk until fully combined.
  5. Change the oil you use to mix up the flavour
  6. Spoon into a lined loaf tin and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Allow to cool before slicing.


Tip: For a delightful twist on the recipe, use Lunaio Organic Basil Oil instead of regular olive oil.

This bread is simply sublime with a good spread of butter when it’s still warm. You could also try topping with your favourite nut butter. Ours is Pip & Nut Crunchy Almond Butter! If you want to make a meal of it, top this tasty bread with smashed avo and a gently poached egg.