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A Wide Variety of Healthful and Nutritious Foods for a Balanced Vegetarian Diet

According to a recent study [1] conducted by the international basic science and clinical renal journal Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, the vegetarian diet may be a possible treatment for people who need to limit their intake of proteins and saturated fats, such as those with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Additionally, a study [2] published in the National Library of Medicine shows that the vegetarian diet’s low-fat content could help to reduce cardiovascular disease risk. This diet might also be recommended for those concerned about their dietary well-being, whether for personal conviction or ecological and environmental reasons.

We, at Maiana, provide some of the best vegetarian foods and drinks to add to your diet. Healthy, affordable, and sustainable all the way!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Vegetarian Diet

To get the most out of your vegetarian diet, we highly recommend that you select healthy plant-based foods [3] that include fruits, vegetables, and legumes. They are filling, rich in protein, fiber, and calcium, and give your body the boost it needs to conquer the day.

You can also enjoy snacking on some delicious options available in our store like the popular Clearspring Organic Japanese Tamari Rice Crackers.


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