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Supplier Spotlight – Seggiano

We don’t want you to think we have favourites. We love all of our suppliers equally and have chosen them very carefully based on our values and principles of quality, goodness and wellness. But, we do have a special love for Seggiano. Their products are absolutely fabulous and taste a little like Italian sunshine. And who doesn’t need a bit of that in their kitchens and lives? 

Who are Seggiano

Seggiano is a family run Italian business. David & Peri met at Rome Airport in 1985 (theremust be a romanIt started with love. As all good stories do. David and Peri met all the way back in 1985 (spoiler – they’re still together) and discovered not just love for each other, but also for their belief in holistic wellbeing, Italian food and sustainable agriculture. This led them to start an olive oil company, selling small batch premium Lunaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil that they produced on their Tuscan farm. It went so well, that they’ve since branched out and now sell a huge range of artisanal Italian food, which you can buy right here at Maiana.   

What makes Seggiano different? 

Every single one of their products is from a specialist, innovative producer. Who use higher quality It’s not just the quality of their food that sets them apart, it’s also their passion and commitment to nutrition and exceptional taste. To make sure that each of their products meet these high standards, they source them from the best specialist, innovative producers from all over Italy. They only use quality GMO-free ingredients that have provenance and traceability, making sure they know exactly what goes into each product.

Why you should choose Seggiano products

First and foremost – the exceptional taste! They truly are a cut above the rest and should be a staple in any store cupboard. The other reason why we think you should choose them (it’s the same reason we have), is because of their ethical values. They base their buying and manufacturing decisions on ethical considerations, supporting respectful farming methods, local food production and collective wellbeing. We share their intrinsic values, which is why we’re proud to stock their products. 

Some of our favourite Seggiano products

Lunaio Organic Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This is a delicate oil with a creamy consistency and w use it for just about everything from cooking to drizzling and as a base for zingy salad dressings.

Seggiano Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: It’s the perfect companion to the extra virgin olive oil and a must for any pantry. It’s rich, dark and well balanced with a smooth sweet and ever so slightly sour flavour. We love to drizzle it over our bruschetta. 

Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto: This is perfect for the simplest, most delicious mid-week meal. Boil up some pasta (Seggiano has you covered there, too) and lovingly stir through this supremely tasty pesto. It’s dinner done in 15 minutes! 

Seggiano Organic Premium Sicilian Tomato Passata: There’s something absolutely cathartic about making your own passata but, let’s be honest, who has the time these days. And with this jar of sun-kissed tomato goodness, why would we? It’s the perfect base for sauces or even to ladle over a pizza base for a Friday night treat.   

We’re confident that you’re going to love Seggiano as much as we do! You can stock up on your soon-to-be-favourites right here at Maiana.  

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Seggiano is a family run Italian business.