Sustainability from Maiana

The Virtuous Circle

Putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do is important to protect our beautiful earth for future generations. It’s core to our belief in the virtuous circle.

We do everything we can to make the best environmentally sustainable choices, and we’re always working towards doing more. Because we believe responsibility starts with us

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How we make a difference

Social sustainability

Food waste in the UK is the highest in Europe, with millions of tonnes being thrown away every year. We believe it’s our social responsibility to be part of the solution. That’s why we donate products nearing the end of their best before date to our local Bedford Food Bank. These delicious, nutritious pantry staples are still perfect to eat and enjoy. We only throw away products as a last resort.

Sustainable food partners

We carefully choose our food partners for both the quality of their products and their sustainability goals. Each one of them is working towards being more sustainable, whether that be through sustainable packaging, sustainable farming and even social sustainability. This is a core part of offering you more environmentally friendly products that are as good for you as they are for the planet.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

We package our deliciously wholesome products carefully when sending them to your door. When doing this, we try to use minimal packaging and reduce the amount of plastic used as much as possible. We’ll only double wrap products when it’s absolutely essential, using 100% recyclable, sustainable materials. Our other sustainable packaging, including boxes, fillers and tape are also 100% recyclable.


Our Team


Our Team

Our belief in the virtuous circle and sustainability extends to our team. They’re the backbone of our family run business and, without them, we couldn’t do the great things we’re doing. Each member of our team, from our founders to our warehouse colleagues, are committed to a sustainable way of life that aims to nurture people and the planet.

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