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Eat the rainbow

We love all things vibrant and colourful, and strongly believe in the saying that you eat with your eyes first. Luckily, the brightest things on our plates are the array of radiant fruit an veg. A treat not just for the eyes, but for the body, too! 

We all know about the recommendation of eating your 5 a day fruit and veg, but we prefer to follow the “eat the rainbow” approach to help us along. And, to be honest, by doing this, we usually end up eating more than the minimum 5 a day. 

What is eating the rainbow?

Quite simply, it’s about eating a range of different coloured fruit and veg every day. It looks great on your plate, tastes amazing and has the obvious nutritional benefits. 

Why you should eat the rainbow

Besides just eating fruit and veg for their gorgeous colour and taste, there’s science behind the “eat the rainbow” philosophy as part of achieving optimum nutrition. Fruit and veg contain pigments called phytonutrients, which is what gives them their vibrant colours. There’s still more research that needs to be done into phytonutrients, but studies show that regularly eating a range of colourful fruit and veg have many nutritional benefits. That’s because by doing this, you’re getting in a wide range of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. 

There are specific nutritional benefits for eating different coloured fruit and veg. Here’s a little run down for each.


Red fruit and veg contain lycopene, which is what gives them their red colour. This is also a brilliant little antioxidant that may help to reduce you blood pressure and cholesterol. When it’s cooked, it’s easily absorbed into your body, which means a rich, delicious homemade tomato based sauce is better for you than you may think. We stock gorgeous Biona Organic Whole Plum Tomatoes to help you get started. Other fruit and veg in the “red family” that you could try, include watermelon, red berries and rugby bejewelled pomegranates. 

Orange and yellow

The main phytonutrients in orange and yellow fruit and veg are carotenoids, like alpha-carotene and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene gives the fruit and veg their colour and is converted into vitamin A in your body. This vitamin helps to make hormones and look after your eye health. Some of the fruit and veg in this family include carrots, pineapple, sweet potato, butternut squash, yellow peppers, sweet corn, peaches and papaya. 


Green fruit and veg contain chlorophyll, which is the phytonutrient that gives them their colour. The great thing about green veg is that it often contains a whole bunch of other body-loving nutrients. The main vitamins and minerals found in this type of fruit and veg are fibre, folate, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin K1. They have anti-inflammatory properties and great antioxidants. Some great green fruit and veg to get into your diet could include broccoli, kale, Brussel sprouts, green grapes, avocados, green cabbage, celery, courgettes, sugar snap peas and herbs, like basil. Try our fabulous Shore Italian Basil & Seaweed Pesto liberally stirred into a veggie pasta to get the nutritional benefits.

Blue / purple

Deep and rich in colour, the fruit and veg in this category contain anthocyanins and betalains, which are powerful antioxidants. You can find them in fruit and veg like blueberries, red cabbage, red lettuce, aubergines, plums and beetroot. These fruit and veg contain fibre, manganese, potassium, vitamins B6, C and K1 may even benefit your heart health.

White / beige 

Not as colourful as the other fruit and veg listed here, but definitely equal as nutritional powerhouses. The phytonutrient that creates the white and cream colour in fruit and veg is anthoxanthins. Some studies have shown that this phytonutrient may reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease and inflammatory conditions like arthritis. The delicious goodies in this category include things like cauliflower, onions, celeriac, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms, turnips and more. We stock Seggiano Roasted Artichoke Hearts in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which have been grilled over volcanic rock to create a deliciously complex roasted flavour. 

Whether you’re trying to get in your 5 a day or want to try eat the rainbow, we have a fabulous selection of tasty, organic groceries that’ll help you achieve optimum nutrition in no time at all.