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Doing diets differently

There are so many reasons why you may be on a specific diet or have a specific way of eating. It could be because you want more energy, have health issues or want to shape up. Whatever your reason for eating the way you do, how you do it can make a difference. 

We’re going to break down two common diets and how to add to them in a way that nourishes your body. 

Keto diet

This diet was first developed by as a treatment for epilepsy in the 1920 and is still used today for people who have a resistance to epilepsy medication. However, many other people follow this way of eating where they significantly reduce their carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis, which makes your body become super efficient at burning fat for energy, rather than using carbs. 

If you’re on a keto diet or thinking of starting one, using organic, high quality ingredients in your eating plan can make a nutritional difference. We stock a range of organic keto friendly products that you can add to your diet like Great Stuff Organic Keto Instant Porridge – Peanut Butter Raspberry. It’s low ion carb, high in fibre and tastes absolutely magnificent. The perfect start to your day. 

Mediterranean diet

This is less of an actual diet and more of a way to eat. It’s packed full of fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds and heart-healthy fats. It’s as nutritious as it is delicious. This diet is based on what people traditionally used to eat in countries that border the Mediterranean including France, Spain, Greece and Italy. That means that processed foods, red meat, sugar and refined grains are kept to an absolute minimum. 

This diet or rather, way of eating, has been extensively researched and may be linked to a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. The Mediterranean diet also supports healthy blood sugar levels and may even be beneficial for brain health. It’s based on the principle of eating in moderation and enjoying a varied diet of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, potatoes, wholegrains, herbs, fish, spices, seafood and extra virgin olive oil. 

If you’re looking to move towards a more Mediterranean way of eating, try use high quality organic products that are rich in nutrients and goodness. We absolutely love Lunaio Organic Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s ever so delicate and flavourful – perfect for drizzling over pastas, salads or using in marinades.    

Eating for life

We believe in balance, moderation and enjoyment. We understand there are many reasons people follow specific diets, but our approach is more of a holistic lifestyle philosophy. We don’t believe in denying ourselves the rich, sumptuous enjoyment of all foods. It’s more about our choices surrounding it. We fill most of our plates with colourful veg, with a small portion of carb (we absolutely love dauphinoise potatoes) and a bit of protein – our current obsession being Teriyaki marinaded roasted tempeh. Its nutty flavour is an absolute delight. It’s also delicious in a crunchy stir fry. 

But what about dessert? We admit to having a sweet tooth and certainly don’t deny ourselves the indulgence. But we don’t have it every day and would skip it if we’ve had a pasta for dinner. Sometimes, just a block or two of dark chocolate after dinner satisfies those cravings. For us, the philosophy is about choosing what to eat and when. It’s finding the balance without removing the sheer joy of eating. 

When we choose our food, it’s important for us to select high quality, nutrient dense options that provide our bodies with the nutrition it needs not only to survive – but to thrive! 

Head over to our shop to find some new delicious, organic favourites to add to your store cupboard for your next delectable culinary adventure. Bon appétit!  

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